~"I love the elephant ears, and the friendly staff :) From a fb staff member." - Jeremy Kingi ~

~ "Omg I love your food :)" - Cherelle Tanoa ~

~"Always a pleasure trying new foods and the cinnamon and chocolate chimney snacks were beautiful, the garlic and cheese elephant ears were flawless! Definitely would recommend! The two beautiful ladies who served us today were just lovely xoxox" - Mac Lipa Patau ~

~ "Elephant ears! Sooo Gooood. Especially love the Basil pesto topping.. Garlic and sea salt.. great quality Feta cheese. Real Hungarian Street-food. Yum." - Andrew Graham ~

"Great food and the lady is so very nice and personable. If you are in Auckland, go and eat here...Snack and probably a little sweet treat. This place is great, the elephant ear fried bread is awesome and the chimney cakes are scrumptious... Will take my dad an elephant ear to go." - Jeffrey Williams ~

"Awesome taste and friendly service. This is a must stop for all visitors to Auckland!" - Floyd Poenitz ~

~"What makes this stand so special?
Firstly, the smell is intoxicating. And, the queue of people smelling and observing the baking of these cakes is definitely a sight to see!
But, the real reason for the success of this stand is that it is a real family affair to produce and promote this traditional treat on the shores of Takapuna.
The details – Chimney cakes are Hungarian and originate from Transylvania, where they are referred to as chimney cakes or stove cakes. The pastry is wrapped around a wooden cylinder and baked in the oven to allow the inside to remain soft and the outside to caramelise. Finished off by rolling in caramel, cinnamon, walnuts, coconut, chocolate or sprinkles – this pastry is a definite treat!" - Channel Magazine ~